Militaryroad Physio Neutral Bay

Elite experience. Community focus.

Established in 2011 as Military Road Physiotherapy and rebranded as mrp health in 2024. mrp health is a multidisciplinary physiotherapy and allied health practice in Neutral Bay, NSW. This isn’t just our business base – it’s our community, and our greatest motivation.

Because elite athletes aren’t the only ones who deserve to be healthy, strong, flexible, and pain-free.

Mum, office worker, gym junkie – whoever you are, movement is part of your everyday life.

And if you move better, you live better. It’s as simple as that.

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mrp Health Neutral Bay

Your health is our bottom line.

Don’t be offended but… If we never see you again, we’ve done our job right.

Instead of dragging out the treatment process, we go right to the root of the problem to heal you fast.

We use straight talk so you understand what’s happening in your body, and what we’re doing to fix it.

Then we give advice, routines, and exercises to empower you to stay in fighting shape – now and in the future.

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mrp Health Neutral Bay

Maybe it’s bad business…

To work on a model of never seeing you again. But hey – if you trust us, we’ll trust you. To give our name when your mate’s thrown their back putting together a flatpack, your elderly dad’s slipped down the stairs, or your daughter hurt her knee in a hockey game.

Because your community is our community too.

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Meet our team.

Cameron Hobbs


Claire Rees

Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist

Erin Burns


Andrew Renkert


Andrew Bull

Sports Podiatrist

Sharon Livingstone

Massage Therapist

Lucy Smith