Physiotherapy Neutral Bay.

Back pain, migraines or a crick in your neck that won’t go away? Our expert physios combine manual therapy and movement techniques to get you feeling better, fast.

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It’s time to move better.

We all get injuries or pains from everyday living.

The crick in your neck from hunching over your laptop screen. Those searing migraines caused by bad posture. That aching back from carrying your baby.

But we all also deserve to live a life free of pain and full of healthy movement.

That’s where we come in. Our expert physiotherapists listen to you closely to understand your problem, and then create a targeted and considered plan to help you fix it.

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We use a unique combination of manual therapy and movement techniques to treat a variety of soft tissue, nerve and joint dysfunctions.

These techniques have been proven to reduce pain and restore normal joint motion.

Combine them with proper exercises – which we always give you clearly, and in detail – and you’ll see your body transform. You’ll move without pain AND be less likely to re-aggravate the pain or get injuries in the future.

Sound good?

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